ndefi is a club with one mission: To educate positive, vision driven entrepreneurs worldwide.

Through our membership and participation licenses, users world wide can access amazing educational benefits like Certification Programs, Live Mentorship Programs and Mastermind Sessions.

We have two main goals inside ndefi…

#1 - That you become financially intelligent.

Unfortunately money is a cause of pain for most human beings in this economy. However, there is another way to approach your relationship with money. Money is an incredible servant but a terrible master. Your mission is to have money work for you, not the other way around.

#2 - Empower entrepreneurs to scale and grow.

Entrepreneurs can change the world. More than politicians and probably more than anyone else. Our world is in need of service-driven, honest entrepreneurs that sell great products and services. Our club and educational resources will give you everything you need to scale fast

Founded by Cris Urzua, ndefi has a global mission of service where every single day as a team we work to help you scale, grow and be of service.

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