What is ndefi?

ndefi is a private education, business & entrepreneurship club founded in January 2023 by Cris Urzua.

What does ndefi sell?

At ndefi our only products are a membership access pass to the ndefi club which will grant you access to beginner level educational resources and our participation licenses which will grant your further access to deeper and more advanced Certification Programs, Live Mentorship Events, Masterminds and other benefits.

What is the entrepreneurial opportunity?

Our club members have the capacity to promote and sell our membership pass and participation licenses in order to earn commissions through a network marketing strategy.

What is the financial intelligence aspect of ndefi?

Once a club member, ndefi has two goals for you: To help you become a better and stronger ndefi entrepreneur + to help you become financially intelligent sharing with you the best education resources and contacts to make your money work for you.

Who is Cris Urzua?

Cris Urzua is a serial entrepreneur, investor, ndefi co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ndefi. As a renowned business consultant he has coached over 1.5 million entrepreneurs worldwide and has been featured in the cover of Entrepreneur magazine.

How is the company constituted legally speaking?

ndefi is a “Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión” constituted in México in 2022.

Are you regulated, by whom and how?

As an educational company we are not regulated by any financial entities and adhere to the legislation and rules of the country we are based in.

How do we ensure integrity in your business procedures?

Integrity is one of our core values that is why we are highly transparent in our communications to club members.

What is ndefi’s mission?

ndefi is a club with one mission: To educate positive, vision driven entrepreneurs worldwide.

How do we handle safety in our business procedures?

Our first measure of safety is always education. We encourage all of our club members to always do their own research before becoming an entrepreneur, purchasing goods or spend their money in any type of opportunity.

Our second measure is extreme transparency. When educating our users regarding our entrepreneurial opportunity and other subjects like Digital Marketing we will always make it very clear that they are extremely risky strategies where you can lose all of your money without the right to any type of refund available for your lost funds or time.

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